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June 19, 2006 | 07:22 PM

Dorney Revisited

Thursday 16th June. 9.00 AM – Dorney Court, Buckinghamshire. Shooting the last scene in the movie today at Raleigh’s house, which is un-named in the script but which we might assume is Sherborne in Dorset – the house he had fallen in love with many years before and which was granted to him by the Queen shortly before his fall from grace.

This is the only location outside studio which we also visited for ‘Elizabeth’ and us being here today is partly a nod in the direction of that movie, although it will take a keen eye to recognise the building now we have redressed it. In ‘Elizabeth’ this was the house where Ballard (Daniel Craig) was discovered in the priest hole, leading to the arrest of the Earl of Arundel.

Today’s scene I can’t really explain in any detail – I’d hate to give the plot away – but here we meet Raleigh, Bess and a new born infant. Today is a special day for all of them as they have a surprise visitor.

Speaking of visitors, the owner of Dorney has left out the visitors book, containing the crew signatures from 9 years ago (unbelievably) when we were shooting ‘Elizabeth’. I should go and sign the new entry and hope that in another nine years ‘Golden Age’ will still be remembered as fondly as that film is.


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Hey Hey Justin,

I thought that Raleigh wanted Sherborne and inquired about it, and it wasn't until he was out of out favour that the Queen passed it over to him, and that Raleigh took this as a good sign that he may be returning to favour once again. Are you mentioning Durham House? or using it?because that was his main housing in London, Bess called it a "rotten house". I didn't think you were going to add in Damerei, its sad that in the end the infant dies even after the distress the child caused to Raleigh's and Bess's life, but it was a common thing then to lose a child. Ofcourse this film will be remembered, because Raleigh has been left out of so many Tudor movies, why? I don't know but you guys will make it work and it will be remembered. I am trying to think of the visitor to sherborne, hmmm, he is out of favour, at sherborne with Bess and Damerei. Who stayed in touch with Raleigh when he was out of favour? hmmmm Cecil, nope few years too early for him to be at Sherborne, hmmm Essex it is possible but not really in 92'93' maybe though. Is it a member of the School of Night, Dee? Wizard Earl, Spencer, Marlowe? A surprise would be the Queen, but I read that Bess and the queen never met again. I am lost Justin please give a hint, cmon in code. Does the surprise visit make historical sense?

WR - Sherborne was finally handed to Raleigh during the time the scandal was breaking which was very odd. It might suggest that she was hinting that she would forgive Raleigh if he owned up and begged her forgiveness, but of course he didn't.

We don't use Durham House in the film as most of the action takes place at court and we don't really need another location. It would also be a major build as Durham house was huge.

It is very strange how Raleigh felt he shouldn't he shouldn't of apoligized for his scandal. I think he knew his relationship with Queen would not grow to what he wanted, a family. I feel that Raleigh felt there was nothing wrong with wanting a family and taking a wife.

What do you think the reason was, why he didn't apoligize, Justin?


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