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June 19, 2006 | 07:38 PM

With this Ring….

Friday 17th June. 10.00 AM – Church of St. James, Dorney, Buckinghamshire. Inside this lovely 12th century (and possibly older) church, which stands next to Dorney Court, for the marriage of Bess and Raleigh.

We don’t know exactly when or where Bess and Raleigh were married but we have chosen this unadorned mediaeval church, partly for it’s convenient location next to Dorney Court where we’re also shooting and partly as it retains many Tudor fittings.

For this simple wedding we have used a small part of The Fourme Of Solempnizacion Of Matrimonye from the 1559 version of the Book of Common Prayer. Of course to fit this scene into the film we’ve had to take just a tiny fraction of this – the giving of the ring – and also give Bess some lines to intercut with Raleigh’s (she repeats Raleigh vows) rather than let each read their full vows one after another as this would take too long. The meaning of the lines, which remain little changed to this day, still resonate however. These are two people prepared to face a dangerous and uncertain future so long as they can face it together.


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Hey Justin,
Isn't there a portrait of Bess T. in her younger days with a wedding ring on her thumb which some historians beleive is her ring of marraige from Ralegh hidden on the thumb? Because the age of the painting counld give a hint to the time of marraige.
Have you read about this Justin?

Hey Justin,

Why does Clive not have a pointed goatee, with out it he is Clive with it he is Raleigh. Or is it just the public photos that are without the goatee, what about Raleigh's large pearl in his left ear?

WR - there is indeed a painting which shows Bess with a ring on her thumb - the question is, is this her wedding ring? It's a tricky one to answer as there's nothing to stop her wearing such a ring on her thumb. The 1559 version of the Boook of Common Prayer (which we used for the wedding sequence) says the ring should be placed on the fourth (ring) finger however.

Was a finger a thumb and a thumb a finger, because 4 fingers from the pinky is thumb, confuesing.

The future won't be dangerous and uncertain if two people are facing it together.

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