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July 03, 2006 | 03:31 PM

A Moment Alone

Friday 30th June. 12.00 PM – Petworth, West Sussex. More coverage on our riding sequence today, again in perfect weather, as Elizabeth and Raleigh catch a quiet moment together.

Of course catching this moment on film means that Cate and Clive are certainly not alone. The assistant directors and locations departments have people all over the park to stop traffic during the takes, two carparks are full of costume and makeup busses, catering vans and generators. The air is positively crackling with sound and video links to enable everyone to see and hear what’s happening whilst as Cate and Clive ride they are followed at speed by two cameras mounted on a pursuit vehicle – not to mention the other camera crew catching the action on a long lens from a distance.

When the final sequence is cut together however all this will melt away and we’ll be left with the feeling that we are witnessing one of the most private moments in the Queen’s life - or so we hope.


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A Moment

Catch a quiet moment together
certainly not alone

The air is positively crackling with sound
hear what's happening
from a distance

Together however
all this will melt away
and we'll be left with the feeling

Witnessing one of the most private moments life.

Hey Justin,
I am wondering if read about the account of Raleigh, and Queen dinning with other important figures, when suddenly Queen saw there was smudge on his mustash, she went to remove it but Raleigh got to it first. One of the observers noted that this man (Raleigh) was now favoured beyond all others. You heard this story Justin?


perfect weather..quick - back to The Backs, Cambridge ;-)

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